A  C O M M U N I T Y  O F  L O V E


What do you believe?
We have no established doctrine. As a community, we embrace the wisdom of all great traditions, including the nature religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and secular humanism. We see these traditions as complementary rather than competitive.

Belief, however, takes a seeker only so far. For that reason our emphasis is not on belief but on experience gained through spiritual practice.

Do you believe in God?
Yes, emphatically! We see God as the ground of all being, with every being an expression of God in individual form. But again, we place more emphasis on an experience of God than on a belief in God.

What is your connection to the Unity movement in the U.S.?
We were affiliated with Unity for many years. In 2004 we voted to disaffiliate because we felt we had expanded beyond the confines of Unity principles.

Are you a church?
We are more like a church than anything else you can name, but we dropped the label because of its association with rigid doctrine and claims to exclusive truth.

Do you believe in the Bible?
We value the Bible as one document among many that can help show us the way to God.

How do you view Jesus?
We view Jesus as a most highly evolved human and greatest teacher, in the company of other masters such as Krishna, the Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed. We see Jesus as divine, but no more so than you or me. The Christ, we feel, is at the innermost being in all of us.

Do you believe in an afterlife?
Our members hold a variety of views. Most of us are comfortable with the idea of reincarnation.

What do you mean by “practice”?
Individually, our members have adopted a wide variety of spiritual practices including meditation, prayer, contemplation, study of scriptures and other works, hatha yoga, diet, body work, chanting, visualization, virtue, forgiveness, and service. As a community, we currently emphasize study, contemplation, meditation, and service. Members are encouraged to do whatever works for them.

What do I need to believe in order to become a member?
There are no requirements or tests for membership. We welcome you and know that you will be a contribution to our community, whatever your beliefs may be.