A  C O M M U N I T Y  O F  L O V E

the one thing

what is unity?

At Unity of Taos we understand the deepest truth to be unity of Being. And see Jesus' prescription to "love they neighbor as thyself" as rooted in the knowledge that I and my neighbor are the same Self.

At Unity of Taos, we place particular emphasis on the unity of all wisdom traditions. We hear every master – Jesus, Gangaji, Buddha, Adyashanti... and many others – speaking to us about the one thing that there is to know... The Truth of Who We Really Are.


We affirm the presence of the Divine in all things. We learn from all the spiritual teachings. As a community, we support the evolution of spiritual consciousness in each individual. In prayer and action we bring a vision of Love and Unity into the world.

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Some people at Unity have sensitivity to fragrances.