A  C O M M U N I T Y  O F  L O V E

sunday service

Service Format

Our Sunday Service is 10:00 am to 11:30.

When you join us for Sunday service the first time, you may notice several things about the physical setup that differ from your past experiences. We meet in a large and altogether un-churchlike room. There are representations of many of the worlds spiritual traditions. The room is used for many purposes in the course of a week: classroom, conference room, theatre, exercise room, and spiritual meeting place. It all depends on how we arrange the chairs.

On Sunday, the chairs are arranged in a circle to reflect our view that we are all spiritual students and all spiritual teachers. In the center of the circle a small table holds flowers and a candle. We have announcements, songs, prayers, readings, an offering, guided and silent meditation, and a 20-minute talk.

A minister of ceremonies (MC) conducts the service and keeps things flowing. All of our members are considered ministers, and some of our members speak on a consistent basis. Guest speakers are invited in from the larger community of Taos and beyond.

If you bring a child to the Sunday service, it’s up to you whether the child stays for the service. We are happy to provide childcare if we can. Please call 751-1452 to arrange childcare.