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Upcoming Speakers


Upcoming Sunday Morning Speakers.

Oct 22    Hannah Rappoport – “Into the Mystic”
As a child Hannah Rappaport had a vision in which she was told how to live this life — as close to Jesus Christ as possible. She had never learned about this Being from her family, having been born in Israel and raised in a Jewish family. She grew up in L.A. during the 60s and it wasn’t until her late 30s she began to remember that vision.
At age 40 she was drawn into a deep initiation heralded by a Hungarian Bishop whose esoteric Gnostic church claims lineage from the time of Christ. For over a decade she lived through a mythic-visionary time that broke her out of the suburban life she’d established as a wife and mother and which culminated in her ordination to the priesthood.
The mystic life remains the ground upon which she now stands. Her memoir about this initiation is available through Nighthawk Press, Amazon.com or her website, LoveOntheBrink.com

Oct 29             Jason Pfeifer
Nov 5              Jenny Bird
Nov 12            Habib Lee
Nov 19            Sita Jamieson
Nov 26            Dave Pierce
Dec 3               Christine Sherwood
Dec 10             Mirabai Starr
Dec 17             Don Peters
Dec 24             Jenny Bird
Dec 31             Becky Reardon & Julie Hawley