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Upcoming Speakers


Upcoming Sunday Morning Speakers

Dec 17             Don Peters –  “Therapeutic & Recreational Activities for Military Families”
* Don Peters, Executive Director of Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc., served in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Linguist in Central/South America, until his service-connected spinal cord injury in 1996.  As an entrepreneur, Don has owned and managed four businesses, served as the President of Alaska Disabled Veteran Sports Program, where he was part of the organizing & planning committee for the National Veterans Summer Wheelchair Games held in Anchorage, Alaska in 2006.  Don is also a Military Caregiver, serves as an Elizabeth Dole Foundation “Hidden Heroes” Fellow, and the VFW Post 3259 Chaplain.  Don has continuously volunteered with the Department of Veteran Affairs since 2001 and has served as Executive Director of Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc. since 2013.

Dec 24             Jenny Bird
Dec 31             Becky Reardon & Julie Hawley
Jan 7               Wendy Wagner
Jan 14            Christine Sherwood
Jan 21            Danielle Kennedy
Jan 28           Phyllis Leavitt